Double Cross Supplement - Infinity Code


All living things evolve and adapt, and the Renegade virus is no exception. A new Syndrome known as Ouroboros has reemerged, changing the power balance among Overeds.

This supplement introduces the Ouroboros Syndrome, an ability set that revolves around stealing and copying powers. This opens a whole new world of possibilities and combinations. Create characters that have powers from several different Syndromes, or make powerful bosses.

This supplement has the following:

The New Ouroboros Syndrome
Along with this new Syndrome, you'll get new Trait Loises and Items that are specific to Ouroboros.

New Powers and Items
All original twelve Syndromes also get new Powers and items.

Product Description
8.5x11.7 Black&White (w/16 Full Color Pages) Paperback
160 pages.


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