Double Cross Core Rulebook


Welcome to the world of Double Cross. In a world where a virus has the ability to bestow supernatural abilities, you are tasked with the duty to protect the world from those that would abuse their powers. But remember this: the virus is a two-edged sword that can take away your sanity if you use it too much. When the virus is wrenching your humanity away, only the friendships and rivalries you developed with your fellow man may save your sanity.

Created By:
Shunsaku Yano
F.E.A.R (Far East Amusement Research

System: D10

Twelve Ability Sets
Use twelve different ability sets to recreate any comic or anime character.

Character-driven Narrative
Use the Lois system to define your character's devotions and what he fights for.

Product Description
6x9 Black&White Paperback, 520 pages.

Character Sheets can be found here.

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